Sticking with Chiropractic Help is Important to Me

One of the first things that I did when I moved to my new city was to look for an excellent San Jose chiropractor so that I could immediately make an appointment. I had been going to one off and on for quite a few years, and I knew that it was important to continue to do so. My dad was a chiropractor, and he always helped a lot of people who suffered from back pain. I grew up understanding just what dad did to make people feel better. When I injured my back in my twenties, dad is the one who helped me.

Now that my father has passed away, I still go see one. But I always make sure find out who is the best around. I hurt my back when I fell off a horse. My parents knew that I loved horses, and they did everything they could to make sure they could afford the expensive horse riding lessons that I loved so much. I even went on to compete in a variety of competitions, and I did really well at it. I still have all of my ribbons and trophies. I stopped riding after a horse threw me one afternoon during a previously peaceful ride. That fall really hurt me, and I was unable to participate in riding after that. Dad helped me to get rid of the back troubles that I had as a result of that bad fall.

After dad went away, I gave up on taking care of myself really well. But when the pain in my back grew worse, I knew that I needed to find someone to help. I found someone who did a great job. When I moved to San Jose, I made a promise to myself to continue to do so as well. I found someone new who is helping me once again.

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