Securing a Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney for Success in Court

I moved to California six months ago and while I was still getting used to much more traffic on the roads and cars in general, compared to living in rural Minnesota, I never dreamed my first accident would involve a fruit truck dumping a load of melons on my car as I travelled to work one day.

I decided I needed a Sacramento personal injury attorney when the insurance company for the trucking firm transporting the melons was giving me the runaround not only when it came to repairing my car, but also for the time I missed from work due to a bit of whiplash I had suffered in the accident. They made promise after promise to pay me in full for my losses, but more and more frequently were coming up with excuses as to where the money was to reimburse me.

Eventually, the insurance company stopped responding completely and the trucking company would only refer me to the insurance company for any issues I had. I called, left messages, and even wrote letters, but received no response and felt they were just hoping I would go away.

My car repair bill and medical bills were mounting when I decided I need an attorney. I felt powerless and my back and neck were still in a lot of pain that I was only able to manage with a lot of aspirin, often making me too sick to go to work.

My attorney made a complete difference and the insurance company, who had stopped communicating with me, gave my attorney immediate attention. My attorney was able to take the massive paperwork I had accumulated and turn it into a cohesive case against both the insurance company and trucking firm involved and managed to get my bills paid almost immediately. I was also compensated for my loss of work and pain and suffering, What I had been trying to do for months and months, was accomplished swiftly by my attorney who only sought that I be treated fairly and compensated for all injuries suffered.

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