Replacing a Tablet with a Laptop

A few years ago, I switched from a laptop to a tablet because I though it would be better for me. I wanted something that was simple to use and didn’t really care about doing any heavy usage. The tablet interface looked so fresh at the time and the touch screen interface was impressive. As time went on, the shortcomings of the tablet began to grow, and I started to miss everything that my old laptop offered. I’ve decided to browse Cyber Monday laptop deals 2015 and leap back into laptops.

The biggest thing I missed about having a laptop is having hardware that was powerful enough to do everything that I could throw at it. In the early days of my tablet, I couldn’t even run more than one application at once. Multitasking had to be patched in, and even after that, it wasn’t as fast as it was on my laptop. The tablet and the laptop used different operating systems, so all of the programs that I had grown used to on my laptop couldn’t be used on my tablet. I was able to find some worthy alternative programs that worked well, but for the most part, there weren’t enough suitable counterparts.

The new laptops that I’ve been looking at have some elements of tablets included in them. They have the ability to rotate their screen and fold it down to simulate the look of a tablet. Other can detach their keyboard entirely from the screen. Both of these kinds of laptops have touch screens and can even run some mobile applications that can only be found on tablets. Tablets have really had a big impact on the way hardware is designed these days, and I’m not sure if it’s for the best, but I’ll take the best of both worlds.

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