I Had to Sue the Insurance Company

It was not something that I really wanted to do, but in the end there was not much that I could do about it. The insurance company simply did not want to make an honest effort at compensating me for the damages that I had incurred when their client hit me. I had to get an auto accident injury attorney in Sacramento to help out, although that was something I would have chosen to avoid if possible. There is going to be so big of a settlement and the lawyer is going to end up taking a big slice of the pie when the day is over. There is not any reason for him to get that share of the settlement if you are both acting sensibly. I did all of the math and I knew what it was all going to cost me, but that was what I ended up with at the end of it.

Of course the judge started to get annoyed when he realized that the insurance company had turned me down when I had made them a good offer. He turned to their lawyer and asked him if they were not any good at math. All of the people in the court started to laugh and right after that they started to talk about making a settlement. I showed them my original offer, then I told them I was going to add ten percent because they were dumb and that they would pay the lawyer on top of that. They did not like that at all, but I told them to take their chances in court. They did not like that either. In the end I got what I had asked for in the start, plus another ten percent that they paid for making me mad at them.

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