A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

Last Saturday was one of the best times I had in a long time. It did not start that way. I had other things to do. Originally, I planned to watch a boxing match. I was to be broadcasted on satellite TV. I was so excited. I had all my favorite snacks prepared. I made nachos, chicken wings, celery sticks with blue cheese, and an apple pie for dessert. My brother came over to watch the fight with me.

We were about to watch the fight, but our service was not working. There was a problem with our dish. It was damaged from the storm from the previous night. The channels would not show. We called the customer service hotline for help. They vowed to do their best to repair it, but I knew I was going to miss the fight.

My brother and I were very bored. We needed something to do. We were eating our snacks, when we heard a noise for the attic. The both of us went to see what caused it. We climbed into the attic and found my old action figure on the ground. It fell of the table. I got that toy for Christmas. It was so much fun. That was one of the best holidays of my childhood.

We also found our old music instruments. My brother played the saxophone back in high school. He was actually pretty good at it. I found my old cello. The instruments were still in perfect condition. I loved playing the cello in the school orchestra. So many memories came back to me. My brother and I decided to play a couple of notes to see if we still had the talent to play. Our few notes turned into a jam session. We could not be stopped. It was so much fun.

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